Sr Associate Scientist/ Scientist – Antibody Discovery

Redmond, WA

About the position

Located in Redmond WA, Systimmune Inc. is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of cancer through developing novel therapeutic multi-specific antibodies, as well as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Our objective is to create biologics that work through systematic intervention on the solid tumor micro-environment, to either directly attack the tumor and/or to activate the immune system to attack the tumor.

We are seeking a talented Senior Associate Scientist to join the Antibody Discovery team. The successful candidate will contribute to the discovery and development of novel antibody and protein therapeutics, in close collaboration with other teams in the company. This position requires a dedication to bench science and a vested interest in B cell culture and antibody discovery. Knowledge of tumor biology and experience working with immuno-oncology and/or antibody discovery platforms are both a plus. This is an excellent opportunity for a junior researcher to gain experience in the fast-paced immunotherapeutic market, while contributing to the advancement of much-needed cancer treatments.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • This position will support therapeutic antibody lead selection using an proprietary antibody discovery platform.
  • Design and execute immunization campaigns for specific immuno-oncology targets.
  • Work in a fast paced team environment to identify antibodies to desired targets within company timelines.
  • Responsible for culturing and performing multiparametric flow cytometric analysis of mammalian immune cells.
  • Assist with routine maintenance and operation of cell sorter.
  • Use a variety of different methods to determine antibody kinetics, affinity, and specificity.
  • Prioritize work on multiple projects, support and closely work with other divisions to advance company goals.
  • Plan experiments, outline research procedures to be followed, and provide training to subordinate personnel to carry out research.
  • Ability to follow Standard Operating Procedures and effectively document and present results to colleagues.
  • Work with other internal research departments and development group in China. Plan time to accommodate meetings and technical support.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience
  • PhD in Immunology, cell biology, molecular biology or a related field. For Sr. Associate Scientist, relevant academic and pharmaceutical/ biotech experience is desirable, but not required. For Scientist position, 2+ years of postgraduate experience required (industry experience preferred).
  • Hands on B cell culture and cell sorting experience is a plus.
  • Strong scientific background in antibody discovery, with proven track record of publications or presentations.
  • Experience working with therapeutic antibodies and high throughput assay development is highly desirable.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
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