Located in Redmond WA, founded in 2014, Systimmune Inc. is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of cancer through developing novel therapeutic bi-specific, and tri-specific antibodies, as well as antibody-drug conjugates (ADC's). Our objective is to create biologics that work through systematic intervention on the solid tumor micro-environment, to either directly attack the tumor and/or to activate the immune system to attack the tumor. We are a group of highly experienced immuno-oncology scientists utilizing several technology platforms to develop world class advanced antibody-based drug therapies.

Systimmune Inc., is a wholly owned and funded subsidiary of a Chinese pharmaceutical company. We are also seeking partners interested in working together to develop, commercialize, and bring our novel therapeutics to patients around the world.

SystImmune Inc., has established three major technology platforms for the discovery and development of novel bio-therapeutics:
  1. Antibody discovery: identification of monoclonal antibodies with unique characteristics through screening of thousands of target-specific IgG producing B cells using novel miniaturized immuno-assays

  2. Bi-specific and multi-specific antibody engineering platforms

  3. Process development platforms to manufacture our bio-therapeutics