Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) molecules utilize specific antibodies to deliver therapeutic small molecules specifically to cancer cells.  ADC are created in cooperation with Bai-Li Pharmaceutical’s R&D Center of Excellence and enable the development of sophisticated chemistries that give this class of drugs their therapeutic payload. This advanced functional class is referred to as Heterogeneity overcoming - Immunogenic death inducing - Resistance antagonizing - Enhanced Specificity (HIRE) molecules that target cancer cells. 

The ADC BL-M07D1 is a HER2 specific antibody based on the drug Trastuzumab.  Due to its HER2 binding, BL-M07D1 has anti-proliferative effects in a variety of HER2 driven solid tumors and secondarily, through a wt FC receptor can mediate innate immune effector functions toward the cancer cells.  Upon antibody mediated internalization, BL-M07D1 is trafficked to cancer cell lysosomes and liberates its therapeutic payload that induced genotoxic stress activating pathways leading to cancer cell death.  

BL-M07D1 is currently being evaluated as a single agent in clinical trials enrolling patients with a variety of HER2+ solid tumor indications.

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Breast Cancer, Gastric cancer

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